The Septic Tank Service McHenry Residents Need

Whether you’re just making the switch to septic or you’re considering a replacement, Ron’s Tidy Tank is here to help you through the process. For a septic tank McHenry homes can rely on for years to come, we’re your number one source for dedicated service and accurate information.

Septic Tanks Offer Variety

One of the most unique benefits of switching to septic is the number of options you have to choose from. There’s a septic tank out there for every homeowner. And if you need help choosing, our team is here to provide the information you need. Consider the following options when you’re looking into septic tank installation:

  • Concrete Septic Tank – If you invest in a concrete septic tank, you’ll be pleased to know it will likely last you several decades. That being said, if cracking or backups are a concern of yours, it may be best to look into another option.
  • Steel Septic Tank – This type of septic tank typically lasts around 25 years. The biggest issue you might experience here is rust. However, if you’re organized about maintenance and replacement, this type of septic tank is an excellent choice.
  • Aerobic Septic Tank – These tanks run on electricity, which is excellent for the environmentally conscious homeowner. They’re typically installed when other types of septic tanks have failed, and offer more efficiency than some other models.
  • Fiberglass Septic Tank – Tanks made of fiberglass don’t have the same issues as concrete or steel septic tanks. The biggest issue to watch out here for is weight. Since fiberglass is such a lightweight material, it could be prone to structural damage from above-ground pressure.

How Can Ron’s Tidy Tank Help?

Choosing what type of septic tank you’ll install may be a challenge. We’re here to make sure that installing and maintaining your new septic tank is not. As a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company, Ron’s Tidy Tank is dedicated to excellence in all areas. For the service, maintenance, and septic tank pumping McHenry residents require, we’re here to deliver.

Military or senior citizen household? We want to thank you for your service and your contributions to the greater Chicago area. That’s why we offer both military and senior discounts.

For all of your septic tank needs, contact Ron’s Tidy Tank at 847-516-0121 today.