How Often You Should Pump Out Your Septic Tank

sewer in grassWhen it comes to maintaining your home’s septic system, you need to be willing to do what needs to be done. No matter how careful you’ve been to care for it, or the maintenance you’ve performed, there comes a time when it’s going to have to be pumped out. However, because this system is located primarily below ground, it can be difficult to tell whether pumping is needed or even if there’s a problem at all. These are some of the factors that contribute to how often you should pump your septic tank to help you determine when is the right time for you.

How a Tank Fills

For starters, it’s important to note that how often you should pump out your septic tank is entirely dependent on how quickly it fills up. As waste is continuously deposited into the tank from your home, the heavy materials will accumulate along the bottom and slowly fill the containment area. When this level gets too high, your tank could suffer damage and begin demonstrating signs of potential backup. Because of this, it’s essential that you’re aware of how fast your tank is filling in order to know for certain how long you can wait in between cleanings.

The Rate That Waste Accumulates

The factors that contribute to the rate of rising waste could include things like the size of your family, your collective diet and lifestyle, and even the size of your home. For instance, those who live in a standard two-bathroom home with a small to medium-sized family may need to get their tank pumped out only every two to three years. While individuals with a higher waste production rate might need to be visited by their local septic pumping service every year or so.

The Importance of Inspection

But even if you’re one among those individuals who don’t need to get their tank serviced very often, it’s still crucial that you take the time to regularly inspect it. This is the best way to ensure that your septic tank is functioning properly and at a reasonable containment level. Otherwise, you risk losing track of its maintenance schedule and allowing a minor fix to grow into a major septic disaster. During these checks, make sure that you’re accounting for the size of the tank in relation to how much waste water and solids it can hold. For those with a mechanical readout of these things, the inspection process could be as simple as checking your septic monitor.

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Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Repair

Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Repair

Your responsibility as a homeowner is to remain aware of any potential problems on your property and to act promptly to fix them. Otherwise, larger problems could develop and not only prevent you from living comfortably, but also cost more than you can afford to correct. Unfortunately, a faulty septic tank can become one of these very issues. Home septic systems are built to last, but this doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally need maintenance or even repairs. So, make sure you’re aware of the signs your septic system needs repair in order to act in a timely manner.

Deteriorating Lawn Health

Since a property’s designated septic tank is often installed underneath the ground in the yard, many sufferers of faulty systems experience deterioration of lawn health. Whether the soil is unable to sustain grass at all or you have frequent fluctuations between growth and decay, wastewater from a faulty septic tank may be to blame. Leaking wastewater from the tank can begin to alter the nutrients in the soil, making it difficult—or sometimes impossible—for anything to grow in that area.

Frequent Standing Puddles

As increasing amounts of water begin flowing out of your broken septic tank, you may also begin to notice your yard developing large standing puddles. This is because the amount of water in the ground has exceeded the amount the soil can handle, creating indents where the water can collect. This doesn’t just severely affect the appearance of your yard—it can also become a serious danger for you and your family.

Groundwater Contamination

If the wastewater is allowed to sink deep enough belowground, it can also begin affecting the quality of your home’s supply of groundwater. You may not be in immediate danger if you don’t typically use a well, but it’s still crucial that you fix the problem before it contaminates nearby water sources. You can often identify contaminated water by its rancid smell; under no circumstances should you use it for any purpose.

Overall Tank Age

Sometimes, even just the age of your tank is enough of a reason to consider having repairs done. You may not have had problems with it in the past, but age can significantly reduce the tank’s ability to hold wastewater. As the tank gets older, something is more likely to break and cause future issues you may not be prepared to handle. If your tank is about 20 years old or older, you should plan to either get repairs or replace it entirely.

At Ron’s Tidy Tank Septic Service, we want to ensure that each home we visit is left with a positive experience and a perfectly working septic system. This is why, in addition to tank pumping and cleaning, we also offer septic repair services to fix any immediate issues that could grow into something more. If you notice any of the above signs that your system is malfunctioning, be sure to reach out to us immediately.

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Common Signs You Need Septic Tank Pumping Services

Common Signs You Need Septic Tank Pumping Services

A home’s septic system is at the very heart of its plumbing capabilities. Without it, the waste water that your household produces wouldn’t have anywhere to go—leaving you with a large mess to frequently clean up. However, though our septic systems are very good at keeping our waste water out of sight and out of mind, they too occasionally need to be cleaned and maintained. Be on the lookout for these common signs you need septic tank pumping services to know when you should call in the professionals.

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5 Surefire Signs Your Septic System Needs Some Repair

septic pumpingA home’s septic tank is responsible for collecting sewage underground. The tank allows for the sewage to decompose naturally; the sewage effluent then drains to the septic system. While it is not always a pleasant topic to talk about, it is crucial that you keep an eye on the functioning of your system in order to prevent a catastrophic mess. One-quarter of homes in the United States uses a septic system, it is crucial you understand how to properly take care of your system. We have created a list of some signs that your septic pumping service is in need of repair.

Foul smell
Follow your nose! If you can smell sewage anywhere around your home, call your septic professional to check for a possible repair. May be as simple as a drain drying out & allowing the sewer gases to come into the house. 

Your grass is growing really fast
One of the first signs that your septic service is failing is the increased presence of water in your lawn over the septic system allowing the grass to grow faster  and taller than the rest of the yard .

Your drains are slow
Do both your sink and bathtub on the main level of the house drain slowly and gurgle in the process? Drainage problems and septic tank issues go hand in hand, so call a professional if your tub and sink are consistently filled with wastewater.  May only be due for pumping.  The service tech can then advise if there are further issues.

Pooling water
While it is normal to have some pooling water in your yard after a big storm, a large puddle near your septic system may be a sign your system is overflowing and you are in need of septic system repair.

A sewer backup
A sewer backup obviously is an indication that something is going on. Typically when you are on a septic system; we start with pumping the tank if it has been some time. However, if your system is older or in a flood plain area with a high water table; it is possible your septic can no longer compete with the ground water.

Notice any of these signs in your home? Chances are you are in need of some septic repair. Call our professionals today for an evaluation!

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Prevent Septic Tank Pollution With Regular Maintenance

septic tankYou have so many responsibilities as a homeowner that not only affects your family’s well being, but your entire community and even the environment. If you’re not working with professionals who are properly cleaning and maintaining your septic system, for example, there could end up being serious issues. As long as your septic system is being properly maintained, it should last at least 25 to 30 years, but if not, there can be trouble.

“We recommend pumping them out every four to six years,” said Cindy Wilson, officer manager at A1 Septic Tank Service. “A lot of times people will wait too late to get it pumped out. That happens more often than not.”

Aside from costly repair services that you’ll be responsible for paying, septic issues from your home can lead to horrible environmental problems.

According to The Post and Courier, the pollution resulting from septic misuse and neglect is damaging the earth’s coastal waterways.

“An improperly sited and/or malfunctioning septic tank can be a big source of bacteria pollution,” added Andrew Wunderley, a professional Waterkeeper. “That’s especially true in our coastal areas and tidal creeks where sandy soil, high ground water tables, and nearby waterways severely limit how effectively a septic system can treat wastewater.”

Septic systems are just small aspects of homeownership, but in relation to home safety and pollution prevention, these systems are more important than nearly any part of homeownership.

“Chemical run off, human and pet waste, and other pollutants are dumping into our creeks and rivers,” said Alys Campaigne, a frequent visitor of the Carleston Harbor, which has been significantly polluted due to septic issues. “These are solvable problems. We’re looking forward to digging in with the town and others on this effort.”

Although correcting these pollution problems can be done, they are difficult to accomplish and can be costly for entire towns. Rather than waiting for these problems to gain momentum, you should focus much more on prevention.

If you need professional septic tank plumbing services or septic cleaning assistance, contact Ron’s Tidy Tank Septic Service today.

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